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Flushing is Burning: A Slower News Week

Not as exciting as a month’s worth of news in one episode.

Grace is back with minimal coughing this time! First, she gets into the week in baseball. She covers the complicated feelings behind the opening of the international free agent signing period. She discusses the few arbitration cases, two potential Mets free agent targets, and pays tribute to Buddy Harrelson. Hey, it’s been a slow news week.

Next, she discusses two high profile legal cases. The first being the ongoing Wander Franco case. There’s a lot going on here but each piece of news just makes it look worse and worse. She also touches on Ken Rosenthal’s bizarre Athletic article discussing the situation. Then she moves onto Jonathan Majors, and his guilty verdict and subsequent attempt to start a redemption arc that’s failing due to his unchecked, rampant narcissism.

Finally, she moves into movies, giving a preview of what she thinks will happen next week for the Oscar nominations. She tries to refrain from recommending her favorite potential Oscar nominees, preferring to wait until after the nominations are announced to give a full, fleshed out list of recommendations. Finally, a movie minute of one of the saddest movies Grace has ever seen.

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