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Flushing is Burning: Best of Jerseys, Worst of Jerseys

A slow news week leads to a lot of jersey talk.

Grace is back with not a lot of news, but she makes it work. First, she discusses the Mets reliever moves of the past week, and she sums up the Mets offseason in one word: boring. And it’s understandable, but it’s still not fun.

Next, she goes into some general baseball and sports talk. First, she gets into the new Philly City Connect jerseys that leaked, as well as the news that the Nationals are retiring their City Connects, which leads to a bit of a rant. Then she talks about the new MLB The Show cover news, and why she actually likes the choice. Finally, she gets more serious and discusses the ethics and practices that seem to be all over the place when reporting on sexual assault issues in sports, brought into focus by the recent Vince McMahon news.

Finally, she gives her movie minute, a new WNBA documentary that she quite enjoyed, as well as talking about the golden age of women’s sports documentaries we seem to be in (and hopes this will lead to more women’s sports in film generally).

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