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Former Mets GM Billy Eppler placed on restricted list for 2024 season for misuse of injured list

The investigation into Eppler’s injured list usage has finally concluded.

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Major League Baseball announced today that former Mets general manager Billy Eppler has been placed on the restricted list through the end of the 2024 World Series. With that, Eppler is effectively suspended from working in baseball this season unless the commissioner grants him the opportunity to be reinstated sooner.

The league’s press release says that its investigation into Eppler and the Mets revealed that only Eppler himself committed any wrongdoing under the league’s rules regarding the injured list. Here’s the entirety of what the league wrote in that release:

Major League Baseball’s Department of Investigations (DOI) has completed its investigation into allegations that former New York Mets General Manager Billy Eppler and other Mets employees violated MLB’s rules. The Mets organization and Mr. Eppler fully cooperated with MLB’s thorough review, which included interviews with over three dozen individuals, in addition to the review of relevant documents and electronic records.

Having reviewed the results of the investigation, Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced today that Mr. Eppler has been placed on the Ineligible List beginning immediately for directing the following pattern of conduct in violation of MLB’s rules: improper use of Injured List placements, including the deliberate fabrication of injuries; and the associated submission of documentation for the purposes of securing multiple improper Injured List placements during the 2022 and 2023 seasons.

Mr. Eppler will be removed from the Ineligible List following completion of the 2024 World Series unless the Commissioner grants an application to reinstate him earlier.

MLB’s investigation concluded that the pattern of conduct was at Mr. Eppler’s sole direction and without any involvement of Club ownership or superiors.

MLB considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.