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Brian is the senior editor at Multiversity Comics (, where he also writes and podcasts.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show), Episode 122: The Correa Resolution and a (Mostly Outdated) Bench Chat

The Mets lost out on Carlos Correa - how does that impact the rest of their lineup?

Amazin’ Avenue Newswire: No Correa, No Dice

The podcast is bummed out, but tries to put this all in context.

Carlos Correa signs 6-year, $200 million deal with the Twins

The deal is pending a physical, so who can really say if it happens or not.

Mets sign Tim Locastro

The speedy outfielder comes in on a minor league deal and invitation to spring training.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): Correa Madness and the Music of 2022

This week, we ponder the Correa situation and share some of our favorite music of 2022.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): Free Agency Frenzy

The Mets have been busy, folks.

Let’s find the Mets a fourth outfielder

The Mets, shockingly, could still use another free agent signing.

James McCann traded to the Orioles

The catcher is swapped for a player to be named later.

Amazin’ Avenue Newswire: This is not a drill. The Mets signed Carlos Correa

Read the headline.

Amazin’ Avenue Newswire: Four Catchers? In This Economy?

The Mets brought in another catcher this week, because why not?