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Brian is the senior editor at Multiversity Comics (, where he also writes and podcasts.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Another Weird Week

The Mets looked great against Cleveland, and then somewhat wilted against the Cubs.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Happy Days are (Temporarily) Here Again

This week, we get our hope back.

Mets call up Gary Sánchez

The catcher had an opt-out clause that went into effect on May 19th.

Mets 3, Rays 2 - Rays of Sunshine

The Mets won a series. I repeat, the Mets won a series!

Open Thread: Mets vs. Rays, 5/18/23

The Mets hope to take the series from the best team in baseball.

Mets call up Mark Vientos

The Mets’ offense can certainly use his help.

Open Thread: Mets at Nationals, 05/14/23

Max Scherzer hopes to improve on his post-suspension performance.

Mets recall Dennis Santana, option Joey Lucchesi

The team also DFA’d Seth Elledge

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Woof

This week, the Mets continue to look like garbage.

Reds 5, Mets 0 - Ghostbusted

The Reds bloodied the Mets in the first inning, and they could never get back in the game.