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Brian is the senior editor at Multiversity Comics (, where he also writes and podcasts.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): The Shallow End of Pitching Depth

This week, we feel sorry for Thomas Szapucki.

Szapucki dug a hole the Mets couldn’t escape

The Mets lost their second series of the season in San Francisco.

Final Score: Giants 9, Mets 3 - Szapuck on this

The first inning and a third did the Mets in on this lovely day in Northern California.

Open Thread: Mets vs. Giants, 5/25/22

The Mets go for the series win with an afternoon game in Frisco.

UnforMETable: Jose Offerman

A punch thrown, a bat swung, and a body slamming son in law.

The Mets split a cold doubleheader in Colorado

Game 1? It was nice! Game 2? It was miserable!

Final Score: Rockies 11, Mets 3 - Serven Deadly Sins

Sometimes you tap the Rockies, sometimes the Rockies tap you.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): We Were Wrong

Just laying that out ahead of time.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): 21-11

The Mets are consistent, surprising, and good.

The Mets come back to take the series opener in DC

Strong pitching and poor Nationals defense lead to a Mets win.