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Brian is the senior editor at Multiversity Comics (, where he also writes and podcasts.

Darin Ruf designated for assignment

A terrible trade reaches its conclusion.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Opening Day Awaits

New show title, same old show.

Open Thread: Mets at Rays, 3/24/23

Max Scherzer gets one more spring tune-up before Opening Day.

Open Thread: Mets at Braves, 3/23/23

Old friend Travis d’Arnaud takes on the Mets this afternoon.

Open Thread: Mets vs. Astros, 3/22/23

It’s a ghost fork day in Port St. Lucie

Emergency Applesauce: Edwin Díaz to likely miss the entire season

Brian, Allison, Rob, and Chris react to the loss of Edwin Díaz for the 2023 season

Introducing Home Run Applesauce, Fans First Sports Network, and Our Podcast Patreon

Changes are afoot at Amazin’ Avenue.

Brandon Nimmo leaves game with right ankle soreness

C’mon, man.

Mets plan to name Max Scherzer Opening Day starter; Justin Verlander to start home opener

The Mets open the season in Miami.

Open Thread: Mets vs Cardinals, 3/15/23

Justin Verlander meets the Red Birds in St. Lucie.