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Brian is the senior editor at Multiversity Comics (, where he also writes and podcasts.

White Sox 6, Mets 2 - Quintana’s debut spoiled by bullpen, silent bats

The Mets dropped the finale of the White Sox series.

Starling Marte placed on the Injured List

Migraines have forced Marte out since Sunday.

Open Thread: Mets vs. White Sox, 7/20/23

[Checks notes] José Quintana is pitching?

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Christradamus

This week, we review Chris’s bold prediction for the Mets from last week and talk about the team at the All-Star Break.

Open Thread: 2023 Home Run Derby

Can Pete Alonso collect his Derby title?

Mets 2, Diamondbacks 1 - Ghosts > Snakes

The Mets staged a late comeback to take their fourth win in a row.

Open Thread: Mets vs. Diamondbacks, 7/5/23

The Mets hope to keep their winning ways going in the desert.

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Series: Is This The End?

This week, we discuss if this is what rock bottom looks like for the 2023 Mets.

Brewers 3, Mets 2: Another disappointing night

The Mets dropped the game, and the series, tonight in Queens.

Open Thread: Mets vs. Brewers, 6/29/23

The Mets attempt to salvage the series with the Brewers.