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UnforMETable: Kenny Rogers

The mercurial lefty helped the Mets make the playoffs in 1999 before ending that playoff run with a fateful walk.

UnforMETable: George Stone

Stone had a great 1973 for the Mets, but was passed over by Yogi Berra for a World Series start.

UnforMETable: Mike Bruhert

A Queens native and Gil Hodges’ son-in-law, Bruhert toiled in the minors for seven seasons before getting a shot with the Mets in 1978.

UnforMETable: Pete Harnisch

The Long Island native and Fordham graduate had a successful career—aside from his time in New York.

Cubs 6, Mets 3—Mets buried in first inning as Cubs complete sweep

David Peterson is unable to escape the first as the Mets suffer desultory sweep at the hands of the Cubs.

Open thread: Mets vs. Cubs, 9/14/22

The Mets try to avoid a dispiriting sweep at the hands of the Cubs.

UnforMETable: Lenny Harris

Harris was a popular bench figure who set the career pinch hitting mark in a Mets uniform.

UnforMETable: Lenny Randle

A superlative 1977 season with the Mets was but a footnote in Randle’s fascinating baseball life

UnforMETable: John Stearns

Stearns was an intense All-Star catcher during a dark era of Mets’ baseball.

UnforMETable: Rob Gardner

In only his fifth major league appearance, the 20 year-old pitched one of the greatest games in Mets history.