Mets DFA Corey Oswalt


2 men enter (the 40-man), 2 men leave...



May seems genuinely charming, funny, and smart. And my god has he got it together. At that age, I was still a gibbering bowl of jello. Hell, at this age...

Vote to crush Yankees


Show your pride and help prove Mets fans are the most faithful and devoted!

Punishment for Astros' Sign-Stealing Scandal


Beltran does not appear to be in trouble as no players/former players will receive punishment.

Ranking the 10 Most Important Mets for a Playoff Series


‪there’s still plenty of work to be done for the Wild Card, but with a series like tonight’s versus the Cubs holding the weight of a Playoff series it’s worth taking a look at which Mets are most valuable for these moments:‬

McNeill IN RF


McNeil IN RF

Lagares wasted, for what?


Starts, April, May and June two in a row four times, with 7 in a row and 3 in a row in May. Not surprising that his bat disappeared.

To msdiamondvillanyc from old NY MET comment board


This is whiteybird33 pls. contact me on here if you see this.

One cool thing about being a Mets fan


is that when you see a stranger wearing Mets gear, you know they’re most likely a Mets fan. You’re first impression of that individual is a positive one: recognition of a shared interest and common ground. That’s pretty cool