Mets release commercial aimed at guilting fans into buying tickets


Mets release commercial aimed at guilting fans into buying tickets

R.A. Dickey's Mountain Expedition Update


A quick update written by the divinity himself. This holy conscription describes some of his climbing thus far and how he has felt during said climbing. Blessed art thou, by the great knuckles in the stars. And let us spread the light of the lord to all who seek his teaching of the ways of the knuckle ball. May we say,

Mets re-sign Miguel Batista


"So far this offseason, the Mets have also signed Chuck James, Garrett Olson, Rob Johnson, Lucas May, Val Pascucci, Omar Quintanilla, Mike Baxter, Adam Loewen, and Vinny Rottino to minor league deals."

Selig to get extension


Please, make it stop.

Mets sign Miguel Batista, Fernando Cabrera & Sean Kazmir


I guess the Dollar Store shopping continues, however If this move was to be made DJ Carrasco should have been waived and F! should have been kept....

More Mets Prospect Lists


Marc Hulet of fangraphs has come out with his Top 15 Mets Prospects List. Top 9 or so is pretty conventional, but after that you get Cory Vaughn and Jack Leathersich, which is...different.