With Frenchy United With Arias and Omar Gone, Fangraphs Announces End of The Contest


"On the bright side, Royals fans enjoy a victory in at least one sense: with both Francoeur and the man the Mets obtained from from Texas for him, Joaquin Arias, in the fold, and Omar Minaya no longer running the Mets, the Dayton Moore is probably the winner of the long, bitter struggle that was The Contest. There are always new challenges for a champion, of course, and Ruben Amaro (the Phillies were rumored to be pursuing Francouer at the Winter Meetings), Ned Colletti, and newcomer Mike Rizzo all could make formidable foes."

Collins wants Tejada in AAA


Forget Jerryball, this is Terryball!

Answer Man: Luke Scott talks Nugent, hunting and Obama origin


Luke Scott my new favorite player because he answered honestly and had supporting reasons for his opinion. I love this country and am tired of people giving vanilla answers. Plus I agree with him.

Sandy Alderson and friends took a break from the Winter Meetings on Tuesday to ride Space Mountain...


Sandy Alderson and friends took a break from the Winter Meetings on Tuesday to ride Space Mountain at nearby Disney World. Embiggen

New York Mets Reddit


I started a Mets Reddit! For those of you who don't understand how awesome reddit is, it's one of the largest online communities and an incredible forum for some real intelligent discourse. I figured I'd start a Mets Reddit to expand the community and give Met/baseball fans on Reddit another forum. We could also promote A'A!

Royals close to signing Frenchy


The Contest is alive and well, at least on Dayton's end.

Mets, Red Sox meet again to discuss Beltran


No Red Sox players mentioned, but it doesn't look like this rumor is going away

Nats interested in Greinke


I'm considering becoming a Nats fan. Sounds like they'll have a good team this year.