Brian Stokes Named 152nd Best Tampa Bay Ray Ever


Congrats Brian. Also making the cut are Damion Easley at #176 and Dwight Gooden at #173.

Sillies fans are swelling with confidence.


Hmm. Wow. First of all, 2008 was not a collapse. I didn't know that if a team is behind the entire season, goes on a hot streak right as the division leader slumps, then falls behind on the last week because of injuries, that is considered a collapse. And secondly, if they think we'll have a collapse _next_ year, too, then we'll be great most of the year, and have a lead in the division, and probably beat them head to head again, and then they'd sneak into the playoffs at the end of the year. So...why exactly are they happy about this?

Met's have 20th best farm system


Tied with the Yanquis. I agree, nice job with the international sugnings, but WHY don't we pay over slot in the draft? Throw you're weight around why don't you, you large market wimps!

Newsday: The Return of Pedro?


David Lennon checks in with a Pedro Martinez Q&A: ------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Is the door closed with the Mets? PM: I don’t know really. The season hasn’t’ started. I’m not really worried about what they do. I’m just getting ready. For sure I’ll be ready. If I’m healthy, anybody would have a bargain – if I’m healthy. If I’m not, well, I’ll go home fishing. My boat is waiting for me. Q: Did you talk with the Marlins this winter? PM: I don’t do that. I pay people to do that. I haven’t sat with anybody but Omar. I sat down with Omar and I actually suggested Omar to go after his priorities, which were Derek Lowe, who they lost that same week, and Oliver Perez -- which I know is a real way to just say I’m a friend, go after the things you have to do, and what I understand as an honest man, that Omar should have done, and he did that. If I happen to stay out, it’s not his fault.

Santana's Elbow Slated to be Examined in NY on Monday


Geez, busy Sunday morning in MLB news. Let's keep our fingers crossed with this one, eh? UPDATE [3:43 P.M.]: Or, not, according to Omar Minaya (via MetsBlog).

NL East News: Bowden Out.


Contrary to popular belief, Bowden's resignation is not tied to his obsessive stockpiling of corner outfielders.

2/28/09 Boxscore - NYM 2 Det 7


Thole goes 1 for 1 with a RibEye... ...what too early for daily Thole updates