Non-Linear Cost-Per-Win Part III - Beyond the Box Score


On the field in 2008 the Mets were worth $3 million more than they were paid. The Mariners were worth $116 million less.

Mets Sign Freddy Garcia


Apparently Garcia could be paid as much 9 million if all incentives are met. Eric's Take: The interesting question here is whether the Mets expect Garcia to make the team out of spring training. If we assume good health, the rotation looks like this: Johan Santana Mike Pelfrey John Maine Tim Redding If Garcia makes the club then they're already at a five-man staff. I don't know that this precludes them from signing a more establish arm (Ben Sheets anyone?), and if not then does Redding or Garcia go to the bullpen?

Mets, Yankees Vying For Garcia


Hey, another guy who projects better than Oliver Perez.

Does Baseball Need a Salary Cap?


I found this courtesy of Buster Olney. This is Bruce Jenkins' (of the San Francisco Chronicle) thoughts about a salary cap in baseball. I thought he made some interesting points. With all the spending the Yanks did this winter and the chatter around the game about a salary cap, what do you guys and gals think?

Kent Walks Away After 17 Seasons


Jeff Kent is second on the Mets' homerun list for 2B with 58, trailing only Edgardo Alfonzo's 73. He is likewise second in RsBI with 228 (Alfonzo, 291) and in slugging with .457 (Alfonzo, .461).

2009 MLB Salary Arbitration Figures


A nice table of arb-eligible players, their submitted figures and the teams' figures. Courtesy of the Biz Of Baseball. Pedro Feliciano has asked for $1,950,000 and the Mets have countered with $1,350,000. John Maine has asked for $3,000,000 and the Mets have countered with $2,200,000.

Dave Cameron on Ollie "Overrated" Perez


"Over the last four years, Oliver Perez has been worth a total of 2.5 wins in nearly 600 innings. And he wants $12 million a year for 5 years. Maybe he's the left-handed Gil Meche, and he's going to turn the corner immediately after signing a big contract, but there's about a 5% chance of that being true and about a 95% chance that he's the most overrated pitcher in baseball."

Mets Avoid Arbitration With Church, Pagan


Per LoHud: Church, 30, agreed to a one-year contract for $2.8 million. He hit .276 with 12 home runs and 49 RBI in his first season as a Met. Concussions limited him to 90 games. Pagan, who is currently recovering from surgery to repair his torn left labrum, also signed a one-year contract, for $575,000. The 27-year-old outfielder hit .275 with 12 runs scored, seven doubles and 13 RBI in 31 games. Nothing to complain about here. Pagan should be worth this and more if he can stay healthy. Ditto Church. John Maine and Pedro Feliciano are the Mets' only remaining arbitration-eligible players. Feliciano made $1.025 million last year plus bonuses; Maine made $450,000 and is eligible for arbitration for the first time.

Cory Sullivan Signs With Mets

Cory Sullivan, arguably one of the best defensive center fielders in Rockies’ history, has caught on with the Mets, signing a one-year, $600,000 major league deal with $300,000 in incentives. Per FanGraphs, Sullivan has been worth -21.9 UZR runs in 253 games (186 starts) as a centerfielder. The good news is that he has also been worth between -.7 WAR (FanGraphs) and 2.3 WAR (StatCorner). For his career. He has seasonal wOBA marks of .344, .324, .308, .333 and .246. He had a nice season with Triple-A Colorado Springs last year so, uhh, there's that. (h/t MetsBlog).