Lagares wasted, for what?


Starts, April, May and June two in a row four times, with 7 in a row and 3 in a row in May. Not surprising that his bat disappeared.

To msdiamondvillanyc from old NY MET comment board


This is whiteybird33 pls. contact me on here if you see this.

Haiku Review (4/8 vs Phils)


Pride as banner raised
Cruising to an easy win
deGrom tweaks lat? Ugh.


Measuring Bart


The season is, about to start,
I thank the Lord, that we signed Bart!
Vet'ren presence, is 'oft derided,
There are no stats? That's that, decided.
But just because, no metric's there,
Doesn't mean, you can't compare.
Or, imagine, how life would be,
Without his Zen class, taught for free.
And no Colon? No one'd have dared,
To ask Jeurys, if he was scared.
Or teach the studs, the art and craft,
A PhD, If they're not daft.
We know he's worth it. Every cent,
Yet no stat shows, the full extent
What drives us forward, you and me?
Someday we'll prove, what we can see.

Fanshots - Amazin' Avenue

NLDS Game 1 Philly meetup


For the South Jersey/Philly AA contingent, youse know who you are. No matter what, I'm planning on heading to a sports bar in Philly on Friday night to watch the Mets dismantle Kershaw. Would be nice to have it packed with Mets fans, so hoping some of the AA faithful can make it. I'm going to call bars tonight to see who will be playing the game with sound. Comment here if you have bar preference and/or can make it. Could be convinced to go out Saturday as well. Sports Bar Options (in vague order of preference) Founding Fathers (1612 South Street): Chill place with decent food and good beer. Rittenhouse Cavanaugh's (1823 Sansom St): Not at all fancy, but their downstairs is a good place to take over for out-of-town fans. Field House (1150 Filbert St): Big silly sports bar, that is at last much better than it used to be. Good beer selection. XFinity Live (1100 Pattison Ave): On the downside, can be a bit of a douchefast. On the upside, its proximity to CBP would bring back great memories of watching the Mets pound the Phillies there in 2015. Fox and Hound (1501 Spruce St): Lame corporate chain. Last resort. Let me know what youse think.


This is what I said when I saw Sandy Alderson walking his dog around Citi Field before today's game.


Hi Buddy!

Me. Alderson's wife (?) noticed and gave me a big smile.

Zack Wheeler


"The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions."

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Bartolo Colon has work to the plate


"Bartolo's got some work to do," Long chuckled. "He's not too vested in putting that much time into getting his swing where it needs to be. He said he had two hits last year. I said how about four hits this year? He said how about three. That's where we're at with Bartolo."

Kevin Long on Bartolo Colon's hitting

Kevin Long was one of 3 candidates for Mets hitting coach job


As a matter of fact, the Mets — striving to leap into the playoff race this year, you might have heard — very much wanted an established commodity as their hitting coach. They sought someone with credibility who could hold his own with veteran players, the other coaches and manager Terry Collins.

Ken Davidoff on the Mets offseason hitting coach search.