May seems genuinely charming, funny, and smart. And my god has he got it together. At that age, I was still a gibbering bowl of jello. Hell, at this age...

Newest Met Todd Frazier once hit a home run he promised for his bat boy


As Reds' bat boy a few years ago, Teddy Kremer won over much of the Reds' clubhouse, including the newest Mets third baseman, Todd Frazier. This is a clip of a really cool moment of when Frazier hit a home run that he promised Kremer he'd hit.

Noah Syndergaard talks with announcer Jim Brockmire


Some funny moments in this interview with Thor and Hank Azaria's announcer character Jim Brockmire. "You were born in Dallas in 1992. That means, Noah Syndergaard, that the Cowboys have sucked your entire life. I have no question. I just wanted to point that out to you."

Opening Day + Noah Syndergaard = !!!!!


A little Opening Day video to get you fired up for the Mets.

VIDEO: Asdrubal Cabrera strolls slowly across the field after ejection


Shocker, Angel Hernandez is a clown.

Yoenis Cespedes' Life on the Ranch


Meet Yoenis Cespedes's family, his animals, and his home on the farm in Florida.

Noah Syndergaard's MLB Network commercial


Hope springs eternal for Thor in 2017.

Dan Plesac predicts Mets will make it back to the World Series in 2017


Plesac still feels that when healthy, they're the best pitching staff in the majors.

Jose Reyes releases a new rap track "Otra Ve"


Sounds like Jose's been busy this offseason.