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Mets GIFs

Zack Wheeler's Strikeouts: Data and GIFs

Zack Wheeler notched 12 strikeouts against the Padres on Thursday night, one of the best marks ever for a Mets rookie.

GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey hugs Zack Wheeler

Mets win: good. Zack Wheeler shines: great. Zack and Matt hug tenderly: best.

GIF Of The Game: Ike and Wilmer are friends

Ike Davis and Wilmer Flores are friends, but Daniel Murphy maybe less so.

Matt Harvey's 23rd Start: PITCHf/x data and GIFs

Perhaps it's appropriate that Matt Harvey threw his first complete-game shutout in his thirty-third start of his major league career. The 24-year-old threw just 106 pitches in the effort against the Colorado Rockies.

GIF Of The Game: Harvey's knee, Flores's mullet

Matt Harvey takes liner to the knee, Wilmer Flores gets his first hit and shows off his mullet.

GIF Of The Game: Relay throw hits Byrd in the butt

Marlon Byrd hit in the butt, Eric Young scores and jumps, and Jenrry mejia strikes out seven

Matt Harvey's 22nd Start: Data and GIFs

Even in a relatively bad start, it's pretty clear that Matt Harvey is, indeed, better.

GIF Of The Game: Keith eats meatball hero

Keith Hernandez chows down, Scott Atchison leaps, and Eric Young dives.

GIF: Chad Qualls fist-pumps into oblivion

Chad Qualls strikes out Omar Quintanilla. Chad Qualls fist-pumps to celebrate. Chad Qualls tumbles to the turf.

Matt Harvey's 21st Start: Data, GIFs, and more

Matt Harvey threw eight excellent innings against the Nationals on Friday night and is still contending for the National League Cy Young Award.

Vote: Amazin' Avenue Mets GIF of the week

Over the past two weeks, Mets broadcasts have provided us with several noteworthy GIFs. Vote for your favorite!

GIF Of The Game: Fans react goofily in slow motion

David Wright's ground-rule "triple" evoked some shocked, startled, and hilarious reactions from Mets fans trying to grab the baseball as it bounced over the left-center-field wall.

GIF Of The Game: Mr. Met fist-bumps Chewbacca

Plus more with Mr. Met, Jango Fett patrols the Citi Field gates, and a Scout Trooper claps for joy.

GIF Of The Game: Wright hops, Young jukes

David Wright hops, Eric Young jukes, and John Buck throws in the towel.

GIF Of The Game: Recker throws bat, Hamels stares

Anthony Recker throws his bat, Cole Hamels stares wistfully, Bobby Parnell lawn dart.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey's All-Star Game

In Tuesday's All-Star Game, Matt Harvey struck out three of the best hitters the American League has to offer. Let's watch!

Mets GIF Of The Game: Bucs fan falls over railing

Pirates fan fumbling foul ball and then jumping-slash-falling over the railing dot GIF.

Vote: Amazin' Avenue's Mets GIF of the week

Keith Hernandez, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Hunter Pence, and some dude were the stars of Amazin' Avenue's GIFs this week. Vote for your favorite!

Mets GIF Of The Game: Hernandez slams Rose's book

Howie Rose tried to look up the answer to a trivia question. Keith Hernandez was having none of that.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Kirk videobombs Hefner

Jeremy Hefner was all set for a nice pre-game interview with Kevin Burkhardt last night. Too bad his teammates had other things in mind.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Hunter Pence falls down

Hunter Pence doing what Hunter Pence does.

Retro GIF: Lo Duca nabs two Dodgers at home plate

On October 4, 2006, the Mets played the Dodgers at Shea Stadium in Game 1 of the NLDS. In the top of the second, catcher Paul Lo Duca was involved in one of the weirdest double plays you'll ever see.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Bell curses, Byrd fumes

Heath Bell says a bad word, Marlon Byrd is incredulous at a called third strike, some dude rolls his arms behind home plate, and Daniel Murphy jumps for joy — and a Martin Prado line drive.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Q's grab, Harvey's WOW face

Omar Quintanilla's diving play, Matt Harvey's WOW-ed reaction, and Martin Prado stomps a baseball to death.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Lagares takes a ball to face

Paul Goldschmidt hit a sinking liner to center. Juan Lagares came up short of it. For his trouble, Lagares got a bouncing ball to the face.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Butt pats, table wipes, Ks

Vote for your favorite GIF of the game from Mets vs. Nationals on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Gordon Beckham tumbles

Plus: White Sox manager Robin Ventura spits in disgust.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey's 100 MPH heat

Matt Harvey threw a pitch to Ben Revere. Ben Revere missed it.

Retro GIF: Carlos Beltran climbs Tal's Hill

Three different GIF-tastic angles of perhaps the greatest catch you've ever seen.

2013 All-Star Game voting made simple

David Wright vs. Pablo Sandoval GIF-off, for the future of humanity.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Jimmy Rollins still hatable

When the contemptible Phillie Shane Victorino signed a free agent contract with the Red Sox last offseason, a lot of Mets fans privately lamented the loss of such a visible and unrelenting object of their disdain. Jimmy Rollins is here to help.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Wright slides into Utley

David Wright breaking up a potential double play by sliding into Chase Utley's junk. On infinite loop.