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Mets Analysis

The Dark Knight Rises, 10 Years Later: Start #12

June 2, 2013: Harvey once again meets his new nemesis, the Miami Marlins.

Brett Baty is a step away from greatness

Brett Baty’s second tour in the big leagues has been very good so far, but he is an adjustment away from a full on breakthrough.

Justin Verlander has never liked first innings

Through Verlander has struggled at the beginning of both starts, Mets fans shouldn’t worry.

Mets catchers have put up weird defensive numbers so far

While not quite elite, Francisco Álvarez’s defense has looked good so far while Tomás Nido’s has looked pedestrian

Max Scherzer’s struggles have one simple explanation

Once his most effective weapon, his most-used pitch has now become a liability

Maybe Starling Marte needs a short break

Since leaving a game with a neck strain earlier this month, Marte has struggled mightily.

How the Mets’ starting pitching looks to get through April

With four of the five pplanned starters out, who will pick up the ball?

Denyi Reyes is off to a promising start for the Mets

An early offseason addition, Reyes has looked good in his first five innings in orange and blue.

Tommy Pham has been a pleasant surprise

The fourth outfielder has brought a lot of value already this season.

The bottom of the Mets’ roster has been a problem, so far

It is still very early in the season, but a shaky start should have the Mets looking inward.

David Peterson is not maximizing his repertoire

Peterson needs to rely more on his elite slider and less on his middling fastball.

Tylor Megill looks to build on his first start of the season at Thursday’s home opener

Can Big Drip make us forget Verlander was supposed to start?

How the Mets’ bullpen looks without Edwin Díaz

The Mets can’t replace Díaz, but they already have interesting options to finish out games.

A final grade on the Mets offseason

The Mets have quite a stew going.

Tommy Pham will serve as a role player this season

The veteran was signed to be a 4th outfielder/DH type, though he comes with an....interesting past.

A look at the Mets’ rotation options while José Quintana is out

Should the Mets stick with their internal depth or bring in another arm?

How the other NL East teams fared this offseason

Sizing up the Mets’ division foes for 2023 as pitchers and catchers report.

Jeff McNeil is different

A large swath of Jeff McNeil’s story is unique, right down to his excellent performance on the field.

With spring training on the horizon, Mets could still use bullpen additions

The Mets have a few very good relievers, but they could still use a boost.

Grading the Mets’ Adam Ottavino Signing

He’s got the same risks as every old reliever, but the Mets found some good value here.

Grading the Mets’ Omar Narvaez signing

This is a weird one, to be sure.

Let’s find the Mets a fourth outfielder

The Mets, shockingly, could still use another free agent signing.

Getting to Know Carlos Correa

The Mets have themselves another bona fide star.

Constructing a stacked Mets lineup

There’s really no wrong way to do it, but it’s a fun thoughte exercise.

Grading the Mets’ David Robertson signing

The Mets added a guy who’s very fun to root for and who should help the bullpen significantly.

Grading the Mets’ Kodai Senga signing

Get excited, folks, it’s another fantastic move with some potentially huge ramifications.

Grading the Mets’ Brandon Nimmo signing

This was a move that had to be made, and the Mets didn’t even overpay.

Two of the Mets’ most important players will likely be their youngest

The Mets are a veteran ballclub, but their offense will almost certainly rely upon two prospects.

Grading the Mets’ Brooks Raley trade

A quality left-handed reliever at a minimal price, but there are some elements to give you pause.

Getting to know Mets pitcher Kodai Senga

The ten-year veteran has a decade of high-level NPB excellence that we all hope will manifest in Flushing.

Getting to Know David Robertson

The Mets fortified their bullpen by adding the veteran right-hander, who is no stranger to New York.

Grading the Mets’ Jose Quintana Signing

A former-Met and former-future-Met joins the team on a deal that makes a lot of sense.