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Mets Stat Of The Day

Mets Stat of the Day: Slugging at Citi

The Mets have struggled to hit at Citi Field. Which players struggle the most at home versus the road?

Stat of the Day: Hitting when the count is 0-2

Which Mets hitters were toughest to strike out on 0-2 counts in 2013?

Stat of the Day: Turning 0-2 counts into whiffs

It's one thing to build an 0-2 count. Which Mets pitchers were able to turn the most favorable count into strikeouts?

Mets Stat of the Day: Fielding difficult plays

Fielding evaluation is getting much more quantitative. Yet, there is still room for qualitative evaluation put into numbers. Based on Infield Edge scouts, which Mets were able to make the most difficult plays?

Mets Stat of the Day: Junk hitters

Which Mets have the most—and least—success with hitting pitches that pitchers want them to chase?

Mets Stat of the Day: Meatball hitters

Nothing says meatball more than a fastball down the middle of the plate. Which Mets were the best (and worst) at hitting dead red pitches in 2013?

Mets Stat of the Day: David Wright in home runs

Breaking down David Wright's 222 career home runs.

Mets Stat of the Day: Ike Davis getting on base

Taking a closer look at Ike Davis' propensity to get on base in the second half of the season.

Mets Stat of the Day: Best spring hitters of 2013

Who were the Mets' best hitters during spring training last year? And did the quality of pitching they face matter?

Stat of the Day: Franklin vs. Mets shortstops

Where would Nick Franklin's 2013 season in Seattle rank in Mets shortstop history?

Mets Stat of the Day: Trouble with the curve

Which Met had the greatest difficulty hitting the curve in 2013?

Mets Stat Of The Day: Getting him in from third

Which Met could be counted on the most for driving in a runner on third base with less than two outs in 2013?

Mets Stat of the Day: Jon Niese's curveball

Jon Niese throws a lot of curveballs. We know that. What people might not realize is just how good the movement on his patented pitch has been.

Mets Stat of the Day: Longest Home Runs of 2013

Who hit the longest home run for the 2013 Mets?

Mets Stat of the Day: Most fortunate Mets

Which Met received the most generous strike zone in 2013?

Mets Stat of the Day: The best baserunners

A good base runner is more than a good base stealer. Using base advancement criteria, Daniel Murphy and Eric Young, Jr. proved to be two of baseball's best base runners in 2013.

Mets Stat of the Day: Most cheated by the ump

Every player feels cheated by the umpire from time to time. Which Met had the most called strikes on pitches outside of the strike zone in 2013?

Mets Stat Of The Day: Best leadoff hitter seasons

Terry Collins indicated that Eric Young Jr. may be the leadoff hitter this season. Mets fans were quick to react negatively. Let's take a look at the best leadoff hitters in Mets history and see how those teams fared.

Mets Stat Of The Day: Granderson's Power at Citi

We all know that Yankee Stadium has a short right field porch and that Curtis Granderson is a left-handed hitter who surely took advantage of that. How many of those Stadium home runs would have been homers at Citi?

Mets Stat Of The Day: Who is best against the best

It is not only the inning a reliever enters that counts. The batters they face in the opposing team's lineup is something to consider. Bobby Parnell had the best success against the best hitters in 2013.

Mets Stat Of The Day: Fourth-inning magic

If there was one inning Mets fans should have stayed in their seats for in 2013, it was the fourth inning.

Mets Stat Of The Day: Ralph Kiner, slugger

Not truly a Mets stat, but being an adopted son of the franchise, all of Ralph Kiner's exploits are relevant to fans of the orange and blue.

Mets Stat Of The Day: Batting first in the order

There has been a lot of talk about the Mets' struggles at the top of the order. Did they get any better production from the leadoff hitter in games they won versus games they lost last season?

Mets Stat of the Day: Why they call him K-Rod

Francisco Rodriguez didn't exactly leave the Mets on best terms. But he usually left the mound after a strikeout while he was on the team.

Mets Stat Of The Day: Ralph Kiner, home run king

Over the first eight seasons of his career, Ralph Kiner hit home runs at a faster rate than any other player in baseball history.

Mets Stat of the Day: Stephen Drew in Mets History

Stephen Drew didn't have a spectacular season with the Red Sox in 2013. But you would be surprised how high it ranks in the context of Mets history for shortstops.

Graph: Kyle Farnsworth's declining velocity

Kyle Farnsworth is getting older. Kyle Farnsworth's velocity has been decreasing. Kyle Farnsworth has been less effective. These things are all related.

Stat: Which 2012 Met Was The Most Patient?

Who was the most patient hitter on the Mets this season? We look at walks (good), walk rate (better), and unintentional walk rate (best) to find out.

Stat: Jason Bay's Terrible Batting Average

A player has come to the plate at least 200 times in a season on 4,480 occasions since 2000. Only 64 of them hit less than .200. Jason Bay, in 2012, was one of them.