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Amazin' Avenue Swag Contest Rules

The most recent game form can always be found at So, bookmark it for easy access so if you don't have time to visit AA prior to the game you can jump right to the game form.

Here is a recap of the contest rules; I'm going to post it here on the main page and then link this post in the sidebar so it can become a matter of permanent record. If you already know the rules you can skip this post.

General Rules

--Only one entry is allowed per person or household.
--With the exception of the end-of-the-year playoffs only one prize may be won per person each season.
--Entries for each game must be recorded by the top of the hour (or half-hour for :30 starts) on game night. This is firm.
--Predictions may be changed up until the entry deadline. The last prediction entered will be considered binding.
--All communications about prizes will be handled through the e-mail registered at this site only. Make sure yours is current.

Format and Scoring

--Every form will include a prediction for the Mets score and their opponents score.
--Every form will include a prediction for the Mets' starting pitcher game score.
--There will be two additional questions per game.
--Each form is worth 100 points unless otherwise stated.

Correctly predicting the winner (based on your score entry) earns 30 points.
Correctly predicting the Mets' final score is worth 10 points.
Correctly predicting the Mets' opponents' final score is worth 10 points.
Each additional question correctly predicted earns 10 points (20 total), not including the game score question.
Up to 20 extra points may be earned for getting close to the Mets' starting pitcher's game score The formula is:

20 points - (Difference between game score prediction and actual)

Example of Formula: You predict 70; the actual game score is 60. You missed the score by ten points, so 20 - 10 = 10. You get 10 points.

10 bonus points will be awarded to anyone who guesses the game score exactly.

Here is an example of how the scoring works.

The "Taking an X" Rule

--Each player must skip two contest forms per month. Which forms to skip is their discretion. So if there are 25 forms in a month each player will be scored on 23. This will ensure fairness for those people who can't be around for every single game. If you enter every single game form for the month, your two lowest scores will be automatically dropped. If you miss only one game form your single lowest score will be dropped.
--The skipped game will be denoted with an "X" on the scoreboard.

Prizes and Winning

--The player with the highest cumulative score at the end of the month will win some Mets swag.
--In the event of a tie the player with the highest score in the final game judged will be the winner.
--Prizes may include World Series DVD sets, fitted caps and shirts, or anything else I can think of.
--Anyone scoring a perfect 100 for any game will automatically win a contest prize.
--If the contest gets popular enough (hint: spread the word!) we could start giving away replica jerseys.

An important notice for all participants:

Only one entry per person. The e-mail address you use on your game forms should match that of your AA account. If it doesn't (i.e. I can't reconcile your game form account/e-mail with that of your AA account) you won't get credit. I will check the IP addresses of anyone who wins a particular month, and if I find that you have registered and played with more than one account your results will be discarded and the second place winner will take the prize.

Heading off Possible Questions at the Pass:

Does it automatically disqualify me if I have created multiple accounts at Amazin' Avenue?

No. It only matters if both accounts come from the same address and are both entered in the swag Contest.

What if me and my brother/son/sister/daughter/mom/dad/pet poodle who live with me want to enter and play against each other?

You can't if you want to be eligible for prizes. You can get scored all you want, you just won't win anything. There's no way that I can tell if that's your brother or just you doubling your chances.

However I will make this addendum in the name of family harmony: if you e-mail me and tell me explicitly that you both have accounts and would like to play I will score both, but only ONE of you will be eligible to win prizes. You MUST tell me before you start entering which one will be playing for prizes and which one is just playing for fun. If you fail to do this you're both disqualified no matter how good your intentions were.

Will you be nice and let me keep the winning account and dump the other one?

No. If you're double-entering neither account will win any prizes.

Everyone needs to understand that I am not trying to be overly rigid here. If we do not have this protection the Swag Contest is effectively dead. You will start seeing 10+ entries apiece from people with way too much time on their hands and no honest reader will win again. Maybe this is an imperfect way to do it, but it's the only way I know to do so.

Thank you for respecting this rule of the contest and keeping it fair for all.