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Amazin' Avenue Audio

The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): Astro-slide

The Mets don’t have to play Houston again this season. Thank goodness.

A Pod of Their Own: Tin foil hats off

This week, we try not to freak out about Max Scherzer and talk All-Star voting, streaming services, baseball brawls, and more.

UnforMETable: Steve Renko

The pitching prospect was a key piece in the Mets’ trade for Donn Clendenon

From Complex To Queens, Episode 174: One potential future

Baseball America conducted a fairly deep mock draft, so the team takes a look at the players they pick with the Mets’ selections.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): Hapless in Houston

The Mets had a bad series, but we’re not panicking.

A Pod of Their Own: A future with more Mark Canhas

This week, we discuss the welcome impending return of some injured Mets, Pride Night at Citi Field, and Mark Canha and Taijuan Walker setting an example for what allyship looks like.

Amazin’ Avenue in Conversation: Francisco Lindor and Brock Porter

Rob and Maggie chat with the Mets’ shortstop and the 2021-2022 Gatorade National Baseball Player of the Year

UnforMETable: Jim Hickman

The last Original Met achieved several notable franchise firsts.

From Complex To Queens, Episode 173: Pleasant surprises and bitter disappointments

This week, the team looks at some players in the lower minors who have exceeded expectations and others who have not lived up to them.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): More Than OK

This week, we aren’t terribly worried about the Braves.

A Pod of Their Own: “I’m out of baseball now, so I feel safe.”

This week, we talk about the Mets surviving the West Coast, mostly positive injury updates, and more stories about women feeling unwelcome in baseball.

UnforMETable: Alex Ochoa

The ballyhooed prospect was the prize of the Bobby Bonilla trade.

From Complex To Queens, Episode 172: We have a minor complex

The Florida Complex League and Dominican Summer League have begun.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): Bassitt Sours in So. Cal

This week, the Mets are still firmly in first place.

A Pod of Their Own: Big Man Opinions

This week, we continue to be cheerful about the 2022 Mets, but we are not as cheerful about the fact that baseball is still not a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community.

From Complex To Queens: May Report Card

With May over, the team reviews the first month of the season.

UnforMETable: Mike Fitzgerald

The young catcher homered in his first at bat and looked like a piece of a bright future—until a certain Hall of Famer became available.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): How Sweep It Is

The Mets just swept a homestand and are headed west.

A Pod of Their Own: @SleepyCornPop, where’s the update?

This week we discuss how the Mets keep on rolling despite their injuries, the decision to send Dominic Smith to Triple-A, and inadequate stadium facilities for female staff.

From Complex To Queens, Episode 170: Spring (Summer) Cleaning

This week, the team discusses the flurry of roster moves seemingly made in preparation for the FCL season.

A Pod of Their Own: On the precipice

This week, we discuss the Mets weathering the storm ahead without deGrom and Scherzer, Josh Donaldson’s comments toward Tim Anderson, and the Yankees and Rays tweeting about gun violence.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): The Shallow End of Pitching Depth

This week, we feel sorry for Thomas Szapucki.

UnforMETable: Jose Offerman

A punch thrown, a bat swung, and a body slamming son in law.

From Complex To Queens: College Pitching Prospect Update

Sans Steve this week, the team discusses some of the college pitchers drafted last year.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): We Were Wrong

Just laying that out ahead of time.

UnforMETable, Episode 80: Brian Cole

"He was a player we were going to build around as an organization," said former GM Jim Duquette

A Pod of Their Own: In a world full Chase Utleys, be a Jesse Winker

This week, we talk about the injury bug catching up with the Mets, Mazeika Magic, and good and bad villains.

From Complex To Queens: Minor League Matrices

This week, the team discusses minor league stadiums.

Amazin’ Avenue Audio (The Show): 21-11

The Mets are consistent, surprising, and good.

A Pod of Their Own: Chris Bassitt has lefty energy

This week on the show, we chat about the combined no-hitter, the Mets’ historic comeback victory, our desire to extend Chris Bassitt, the sensory nook at Citi Field, and more.

UnforMETable: Roberto Petagine

Petagine delivered a clutch hit the last time the Mets rallied from down six runs in the ninth inning.

From Complex To Queens: New York MiLB, definitely not the place to be

With another week in the books, the team checks in on how the Mets minor league system did!