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Yoenis Cespedes wears his hat backwards—on a shirt!

Not everyone likes the way Cespedes wears his hat, and that’s a great reason to celebrate it.

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Back in spring training, a certain New York City sports columnist made a big stink about Yoenis Cespedes’s clubhouse presence, mentioning along the the way that Cespedes did things like wear his hat backwards in practice. And that was really all the reason we needed to reach out and see if BreakingT could make a shirt with Cespedes wearing his hat backwards. They came through.


It’s been a bit of a weird season for Cespedes so far, as he’s struck out a bunch but come through with some incredibly big hits. The highlight of them all was undoubtedly the grand slam he hit to cap off a monster inning for the Mets against the Nationals as they scored nine runs in the eighth inning last week. But the player—who has shown up at spring training on a horse, had his own customized walk-up music made for the Mets’ 2015 playoff run, and throws the ball back to the infield underhand when there’s nobody on base—should be celebrated for who he is.


You can find all of the other shirts that we’ve partnered with BreakingT on at this link, and some of them are still available, as well.