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The very happy Brandon Nimmo on a t-shirt!

Coming off the happiest walk-off home run ever, we present a smiling Brandon Nimmo shirt.

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We’ve had some fun t-shirts here at Amazin’ Avenue over the past few years, but none have matched the level of happiness displayed on the latest one from our partners over at Breaking T: Brandon Nimmo’s smile.


Last night, Nimmo hit his first ever walk-off home run, and he took the post-game interview opportunity on the field to immediately let fans know that he’s thankful for their support even though things haven’t gone well for the team this year.

Nimmo hasn’t just been the happiest guy on the team, though. He wasn’t selected to the All-Star Game or included in the final vote for the last spot on the National League’s roster, but he would have been more than deserving of either honor. A recent slump has brought his numbers down a bit, but his line on the season is still excellent: .258/.382/.512 with 13 home runs, seven stolen bases, and a 147 wRC+ that ranks 15th overall in all of baseball—up there in the vicinity of Paul Goldschmidt, Nelson Cruz, Nolan Arenado, and Jose Altuve. Add it all up, and Nimmo is at 2.6 fWAR with a few games left before the All-Star break.