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For Pete’s Sake! t-shirt and hoodie are available now

To celebrate Pete Alonso making the Opening Day roster, we present to you a t-shirt and hoodie from BreakingT.

All winter long, the Mets insisted that they’d prioritize starting the season with their best possible roster, and just before Opening Day, they made a point of doing just that at first base by putting Pete Alonso on the roster to start the season. And to celebrate that, our partners over at BreakingT whipped up this design and put it on a t-shirt and a hoodie.



Alonso picked up his first major league hit in the Mets’ Opening Day victory over the Nationals. During the offseason, we ranked Alonso as the Mets’ top prospect, and he fared well on the national lists, too. Here’s what Steve Sypa had to say about him at the time:

Going back to the day he was drafted, I was a fan of Peter Alonso. He had a few more flaws back then, but I reasoned that he would be able to work those issues out with professional coaching. Sure enough, after coming back from a broken hand early in 2017, he had a monster second half after working with his coaches to work out some kinks in his swing and smooth over the mental aspects of the game. That, to me, is what separates Alonso from Gimenez in my mind, giving him a slight edge: he is coachable. That is not to say that Gimenez isn’t, but we have more documented proof of Alonso running into a wall and working out of it with the help of his coaches than we do Gimenez. I don’t know if he will be able to work out his defensive issues, but the bar for acceptable first base defense is so low that I’m willing to live with gaffes 10% of the time as long as he is making plays that other 90% and mashing- and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to work out the remaining issues in his offense and become a productive major league hitter.