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Alonso-deGrom 2020 on a shirt

BreakingT’s latest shirt is now available.

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With a presidential election year well underway, our friends over at BreakingT have whipped up an appropriately-themed shirt featuring the names of two Mets players that all Mets fans support: Pete Alonso and Jacob deGrom. You can get the shirt as either a t-shirt or a hoodie.


Alonso is, of course, coming off a fantastic 2019 season that saw him win the National League Rookie of the Year award, hit a major league record-breaking 53 home runs as a rookie, and finish the year with a .260/.358/.583 line, a 143 wRC+, 120 RBIs, and 4.8 fWAR.

As if that half of the duo weren’t impressive enough, deGrom won the National League Cy Young for the second year in a row, finishing his season looking every bit as dominant as he had been in 2018 after getting off to a bit of a slow start—at least by his standards—in 2019. He had a 2.43 ERA across 204 innings of work in that stellar campaign.