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Get a set of LFGM masks with proceeds going to Pete Alonso’s charity

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Although it feels like ages ago, it was just last summer that Pete Alonso slightly tweaked the standard Mets rallying cry and came up with a hit with #LFGM. Adding the F to “Let’s Go Mets” was simple, but it caught on immediately and has been used widely on social media and proudly worn on t-shirts ever since.

Now, with the reality that we are in, Alonso and our friends over at BreakingT have partnered up to make LFGM fabric masks—one each in orange, blue, and black—to benefit Homers for Heroes, the charity that Alonso and his fiancée Haley launched in late April amid this crisis.

So if you’re looking for a stylish, Mets-related mask to wear during these times and are inclined to support Alonso’s charity, head on over to BreakingT to get the set. And here’s hoping that things continue to improve here in New York and that someday it will be safe to enjoy baseball in the unique way that we’ve been used to as Mets fans over the past several decades.

Visit BreakingT for the LFGM mask set