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MLBPA ‘When and Where’ shirt available from BreakingT

The slogan has been widely used by players looking to get back on the field.

As negotiations between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association regarding a potential modified 2020 season have continued, the players turned to a slogan that has been widely used this week: “Tell us when and where.” Our friends over at BreakingT have made all of their shirts featuring Mets players while coordinating with MLBPA, and they now have a “When and Where” shirt to go along with the players’ message.

Head to BreakingT to get your t-shirt

If you’ve been out of the loop for the past few days, the league and the players were not in a good place in negotiations earlier in the week, but there’s at least been some progress toward a potential deal within the last 24 hours. Even then, there’s still been some differences of opinion on just how close the league is to delivering on a deal that meets the players’ needs.