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Celebrate Pete Alonso’s LFGM with all sorts of BreakingT gear

A cranky old columnist doesn’t like LFGM, but we do.

With a cranky old columnist in one of New York’s tabloids having railed against Pete Alonso’s character for the “vulgarity” of adding the letter F to LFGM earlier this week, our friends at BreakingT wanted to remind you that they have made a lot of LFGM things.

Unlike that columnist, Mets fans embraced Alonso’s passionate twist on the traditional LGM (let’s go Mets) that has been around for decades. BreakingT has two verisons of the LFGM t-shirt, a mug, fabric masks, and a framed print, all of which are available on this page.

We can say with confidence that all of BreakingT’s merch is of high quality, as they’ve made a whole bunch things on which we’ve partnered over the past few years, much of which is regularly in the rotation of AA writers and editors. So whether you’re new to these items or just hadn’t quite gotten around to getting some of them yet, well, now’s as good a time as any. If that cranky columnist sees you wearing one or—whenever it’s a thing again—at Citi Field, you’ll be able to make him just a bit more annoyed.