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Get a LFGM t-shirt, now with Pete Alonso’s name and number on the back

If you missed the LFGM shirt the first time around, you’ve got a second chance.

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In honor of baseball’s (tentative) return, our friends at BreakingT have reissued a new edition of the Pete Alonso “LFGM” t-shirt, now with Alonso’s #20 and his name on the back! The shirt, part of the BreakingT ‘Player’s Series,’ celebrates not just Alonso’s now-iconic acronym, but the long layoff between the end of Spring Training and the start of...well, Summer Training?

To sweeten the deal, until 12pm PT/3am ET tonight, you can get 15% off all shirts in their MLBPA collection with the code PLAYBALL15. Use this link to see the full MLBPA collection, including Mets favorites like the Queens Cookie Club hoodie, the Alonso/deGrom ‘20 campaign shirt, and the Jacob deGrom Back to Back Cy Young tee.

So, before the players report on July 1, pick up a shirt or two to wear as you enjoy the season from the comfort of your couch and, as always, LFGM.

Use the link below or click here for the new LFGM tee.