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BreakingT releases Pete Alonso and Dom Smith Queens Power Company t-shirt

Alonso and Smith are together on a sharp shirt.

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Our friends over at BreakingT have released another great shirt, this time featuring the Pete Alonso and Dominic Smith Power Company from Queens. With the two first basemen having had a bond from their time playing together and both hitting for power at the major league level, it’s a fitting shirt featuring art by Athlete Logos.


While Alonso got off to a bit of a slow start in the shortened 2020 season, he’s hit three home runs and now has a .225/.340/.375 line with a 108 wRC+. Based on his performance last year, those numbers all figure to improve as the season continues. And Smith has been outstanding in 56 plate appearances, hitting five home runs thus far with a .283/.375/.717 line and a 185 wRC+.

The inclusion of the designated hitter in the National League this year has made it possible for the duo to be in the lineup on the same day much more often than they might have been in a normal year.