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Michael Conforto ‘silky elk’ shirt now available from BreakingT

Conforto’s great catch is on the shirt, too.

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Michael Conforto made a fantastic catch the other night, and now that catch is on a t-shirt from BreakingT—with a nod to the “silky elk” nickname that Pete Alonso had bestowed upon him early in the 2019 season and brought up again this week.


Conforto has been outstanding so far in this short season, hitting .340/.428/.562 with 8 home runs and a 170 wRC+ through his first 187 plate appearances. That wRC+ ranks among the very best hitters in baseball. If the Mets manage to make the expanded playoffs this year, they will have Conforto to thank for carrying a bit part of the load in getting there.

The 27-year-old would be a prime extension candidate. especially after the sale of the Mets that is scheduled to transfer control of the franchise away from the Wilpons. For now, though, at least we have a pretty sweet Conforto shirt. Here’s hoping there will be reason to wear it for years to come.