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Rat, raccoon? Meet this shirt in the tunnel

The shirt you’ve been waiting for is here.

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If you’ve been paying attention, you simply knew that this shirt was coming from our friends at BreakingT: the Francisco Lindor and Jeff McNeil disagreement over the rat or raccoon. And to top the shirt off, there’s a “meet me in the tunnel” line inspired by Dom Smith’s reaction to Phillies pitcher Jose Alvarado trying to start something with him after striking him out earlier in the season.


The Mets at their best are lovable and strange at the same time, and the players have certainly been that so far this season, even if the team got off to a slower-than-hoped start. They’ll have to piece things together a bit over the next ten days with Jacob deGrom on the injured list, but their sweep of the Diamondbacks over the weekend—with lots of contributions by Lindor and McNeil—was cathartic. And if you want to fully embrace all of that, well, head on over to grab the shirt.