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Get your Patrick Mazeika Walk-off Specialist shirt!

BreakingT has put out an absolute gem of a shirt.

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Have you ever wanted to own a t-shirt featuring a man with two walk-off runs batted in before he’s even notched his first major league hit? Well, our friends at BreakingT have the absolutely perfect shirt for you.


If you’ve somehow missed it, Mazeika joined the Mets’ active roster recently as the team has dealt with injuries, and in the first four plate appearances of his major league career, he recorded three runs batted in: two on walk-off fielder’s choices and one on a bases loaded walk. While he hasn’t yet gotten a hit at baseball’s highest level, he has had his shirt ripped off twice by Pete Alonso in walk-off celebrations—something Mazeika has fully embraced.


Mazeika got a plate appearance in the Mets’ Wednesday afternoon over the Orioles, and as he walked up to the plate, he just about matched the warm reception that Mets fans had given to the returning Matt Harvey earlier in the day.