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Listen to Diesel Donnie, pick up this ‘Rippin’ Heaters’ t-shirt from BreakingT

Donnie Stevenson wants you to elevate your wardrobe.

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The Mets’ new hitting approach coach, Donnie Stevenson, has made quite a difference in his brief time with the team. The bats are heating up, and it is clear that a good chunk of the credit should go to Stevenson. Now, you too can incorporate one of his key phrases into your wardrobe with BreakingT’s new ‘Rippin’ Heaters’ t-shirt.

I want to rip heaters!

The mysterious ‘Diesel’ Donnie wants the Mets to elevate and celebrate, and that’s what you should be doing after picking up your new ‘Rippin’ Heaters’ shirt. Show your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, enemies, and perfect strangers that you’re on board with Donnie.

Donnie got a shoutout on Sportscenter last night, as well as a mention from Gary Cohen at the start of tonight’s game, so word about Donnie spreading. Show that you knew about Donnie from the start with this tee.

The shirt, available in unisex and youth t-shirts, hoodies, and women’s dolman from small to 3XL, needs a place in your Mets t-shirt collection. What are you waiting for, grab a shirt and start rippin’ heaters!