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The LFGM shirt: Now available in black

With the Mets’ black jerseys coming back this year, players are already rocking these shirts.

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Before their wild win over the Diamondbacks last night, several Mets players were rocking a pretty sweet t-shirt: a black version BreakingT’s LFGM shirt. And now you can grab your own black LFGM shirt from our friends at BreakingT.


Just ahead of the start of the 2021 season, new Mets owner announced that the team would bring back black jerseys later in the year, something that a bunch of players on the team and a big chunk of the fan base was very excited to hear. And it seems that those players were eager to rock some black Mets gear during batting practice last night.

Here’s Francisco Lindor in it:


And here’s Pete Alonso in it:

The Mets went on to win the game in dramatic fashion, and you can read all about the game here. And if you’ve gotten this far without heading over to BreakingT, well, what are you waiting for?