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Get your ‘Dom Bomb’ t-shirt

Celebrate the Mets’ left-fielder’s recent hot streak with a new BreakingT shirt.

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Dom Bomb Shirt by BreakingT

As the Mets’ offense begins to heat up, one of the players that has been most fun to watch has been Dominic Smith. Now, our friends at BreakingT have unveiled their new ‘Dom Bomb’ shirt, which is available as both a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt.

Dom Bomb shirt by BreakingT


Dom is one of the most affable and fun Mets in recent memory, and when he is hot, there are few hitters in baseball who are as exciting to watch at the plate. His command of all fields and his easy power make for a combination that tends to be right in the middle of fun stuff on the diamond.

‘Dom Bomb’ is also the rare baseball catchphrase that sounds like it could’ve been coined by John Sterling, but isn’t obnoxious. It’s a fun, fan-generated phrase that has caught on over the past few months. And now, you can wear it on your chest.

What are you waiting for, order that shirt!