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Get your Amazin’ Aces Max Scherzer & Jacob deGrom shirt

BreakingT has the Mets’ pair of aces on a brand new shirt.

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As you may have heard, Jacob deGrom made his return to the major league mound for the Mets on Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. And while the outcome of that particular game wasn’t exactly what any Mets fan would have drawn up, it was a significant moment in the Mets’ season and in our shared experience in watching deGrom as fans.

With deGrom back in the fold, our friends at BreakingT drew up a fresh shirt featuring him and his fellow ace Max Scherzer. It is very appropriately emblazoned with the phrase “Amazin’ Aces,” and you can get it from them right now.


While both of the aces have missed portions of the 2022 season with injuries, they have been excellent when on the mound. In his first start, deGrom went five innings and gave up one run. He has a 1.80 ERA and 0.72 FIP through that lone start, both of which line up with how well he was pitching last year. And Scherzer has a 2.13 ERA and 2.64 FIP in 88.2 innings over the course of fourteen starts.